Pass A Blood Drug Test

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Are you worried about an upcoming drug test or health examination? Maybe you’ve applied for a new job and you are concerned about any possible toxin exposure that may sway a drug test administered by a prospective employer? If so, our blood drug tests are designed to take the worry out of drug tests and health exams. Available in a range of sizes - from a basic one-day kit that is designed for those with minimal exposure to toxins, to the full 10-day detox program that rids the body of virtually every traceable toxin in existence. Each kit uses natural ingredients like herbs, minerals, and vitamins, and absolutely no animal products, synthetic ingredients, or fillers. These detox kits start to work in as little as an hour, and quickly rid your blood, urine, and saliva of unwanted toxins. A money back guarantee from the manufacturer and low factory direct pricing equals a low stress shopping experience. Contact us today to place your order, and rid your system of harmful toxins now!

Blood test products available at TestClear

Review Dana Hamburg


I was very skeptical about this product, but I was desperate. So I tried it, and I I was for sure I was still going to fail because for one the only water I drank was the water in the directions. I didn't change my diet. And I vaped an hour if 3mg of nicotine a day. These are all things your not supposed to do. I also didn't take the dietary fiber as I had a couple days after I finished. Again, I am a heavy smoker and didn't expect to pass, but I did! That is amazing.

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